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Major Stephen Henry Foot, D.S.O.
Royal Engineers

Lieutenant Colonel Edward De Santis 2008

Stephen Henry Foot was born in Fulham, Middlesex on the 6th of June 1887. He entered Eastbourne College in September of 1901 and then went on to study at Emmanuel College of Cambridge University in 1906.

Foot was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Engineers Special Reserve on the 26th of June 1909. He was assigned to the 10th Railway Company, R.E. at Longmoor in May of 1910 while he continued his graduate studies at Cambridge. He was graduated from Cambridge with a Master of Arts degree in that same year.

On the 1st of August 1910, Foot began work with Shell Oil in London. He was subsequently transferred to the Shell Oil office in Singapore and then to the Kuala Lampur office in Malaya. After a few years working in the Far East, Foot returned to England via New York and following a brief holiday he began work for the Corona Petroleum Company in Tampico, Mexico.

Foot was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on the 26th of June 1914 and returned to England from Mexico on holiday on the 20th of July 1914. On the 3rd of August he was mobilized for war service in Devonshire and two days later he joined the 10th Company at Longmoor.

Lieutenant Foot landed at Le Havre in November of 1914 and was transferred to the Bridging Train, Royal Engineers in March of 1915. In December of that same year he was assigned to the post of Adjutant to the Commander Royal Engineers of the 21st Division. While in this position he was slightly wounded by shellfire and returned to England on convalescent leave.

Foot returned to France in June of 1916 and on the 1st of October 1916 he was transferred to the Tank Corps. He was mentioned in despatches on the 4th of January 1917 and in April of that year was appointed 2nd Brigade Major of the Tank Corps. He was again mentioned in despatches on the 11th of December 1917.

In December of 1917 Foot was transferred to the post of G.S.O. 2 at the War Office. He was a Captain at this time. On the 1st of January 1918 he was awared the Distinguished Service Order and during this same period he was elected to be a member of the Council at Eastbourne College.

Foot was promoted to the rank of Major on the 31st of January 1919 and was demobilized in March of 1919. For his was service he was awarded, in addition to the D.S.O., the 1914-15 Star, British War and Victory Medals.

Following a lengthy holiday he joined the staff of Eastbourne College in May of 1920. He remained at the college until 1934 when he retired to travel and write.

Stephen Henry Foot died at Twyford Abbey, Ealing on the 24th of June 1966.