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Lieutenant Charles S.T. Calder
Royal Engineers

Lieutenant Colonel Edward De Santis
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Charles Calder was commissioned in the Royal Engineers Territorial Force on the 30th of March 1918 [1]. With such a late date of commissioning, Calder did not see much action during the Great War of 1914 to 1918. He appears to have trained at Newark on Trent, Southwell, and the Curragh in Ireland prior to seeing active service in France and Flanders with the 529th (East Riding) Field Company, Royal Engineers, one of the divisional engineer companies of the British 3rd Division.

It is not known when Calder reported to the 529th Field Company for duty in France and Flanders. A list of the major actions in which the company participated is presented in the table below. Calder may have served in any or all of these battles, although it is more likely that he was present only for those near the end of the war.



St. Quentin

21-23 Mar 1918


24-25 Mar 1918


28 Mar 1918


9-11 Apr 1918


12-15 Apr 1918


18 Apr 1918


21-23 Aug 1918


31 Aug – 3 Sep 1918

Canal Du Nord

27 Sep – 1 Oct 1918


8-9 Oct 1918


17-25 Oct 1918


4 Nov 1918

Following the Armistice on the 11th of November 1918, the 529th Field Company went into Germany with the occupation forces. The company crossed the German frontier on the 11th of December 1918 and was stationed at Blankenheim and at Braunsfeld near Cologne, Germany.

Charles Calder was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on the 30th of September 1919 [2]. He probably returned home and was demobilized during 1920.


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